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Tauring Machines

Tauring: In every industry, from vast infrastructures to simple aluminum door/window frames, the bending of the section bars takes on an ever-increasing importance, regardless of whether these are iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper or other types of metals. Tauring, for more than half a century, has been offering a secure and efficient response to the many diversified market demands, and, for the past few years, have seen us as leaders with an innovative building philosophy applied to our benders.

With great emphasis on the future, TaurinGroup is continuously investing in its research development to expand and dominate the roll bending industry. The Tauring line has machines that are exclusive to the market with features that have yet to be duplicated. While competition prides themselves on size, we devote our equipment on quality and sophistication. We are always one step ahead.

Tauring Line- (available in various sizes and capacities)


SAF Machines AS20-1

ALPHA Series Benders - The latest design to the Tauring
line. This series has proven to be very beneficial in its
design by allowing asymmetrical bending using a slide
up and down movement on the bottom rollers, without
the use of a pivot hub unlike other Initial pinch style
machines. Its massive sizes and features have made it
one of the top sellers in the market today. With
constant efforts to decrease scrap and increase
efficiency, this machine denounced all competition. The
ALPHA machine is also available with the independent
tension brace rod supports for increased performance
and longevity.

Capacities from .25" up to 18" sections

Controls available - PQ Digital displays, PQ10 Touch
screen control Display, NC-C NC controls and CNC-I Top
of the line CNC Touch screen control system
SAF Machines BS 40

DELTA Series Benders - Dedicated to the bending of
complex profiles, this series has been a breakthrough
for the Tauring line. With its interchangeable bottom
rolls, this unit has the flexibility of no other machine
on the market. The accessories available for this
machine help decrease deformation on even the most
difficult extrusions. Available with basic to fully blown
CNC controls, this machine allows for refined bending
of shapes and has almost eliminated the possibility for
operator error.

Capacities from .25" up to 5.5" sections

Controls available - PQ Digital displays, NC-C NC
controls and CNC-I Top of the line CNC Touch screen
control system
SAF Machines BS 50

SLALOM Series Bender- This mandrel less
bender has left and right bending capabilities for
serpentine bending applications. There are 4-6
driving rollers and 2 bending rolls (depending on
series) with up to a two inch capacity, this machine
is ideal for hundreds of applications, from bed
frames to lighting fixtures. Also, being able to be
attached with a tube turning device allows the
Slalom machine to bend in 3-dimensional shapes.

Capacities from .25" up to 2" sections

Controls available - CNC-8 Touch screen control
SAF Machines DS 50

VEGA Series Bender- This machine was
designed for the coil industry in mind.
The Vega20 is a hydraulic 3 driven roll
unit and has the capability of bending
coils as small as .25" o.d. to a 2.50"
diameter coil.

Capacities from .25" up to .75" sections

Controls available - H Push buttons, NC-C
NC controls and CNC-8 Touch screen
control system
SAF Machines DS 80


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