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Designed to fulfill all bending issues in the field of thin plates fabrication. This segment of the market is very important to us as we know that machines accuracy is what makes a great difference in performance. Every single part of the machine is tested and checked nicely before assembling in order to assure a perfect connection among them and avoid structural tensions that often means loss of precision. The whole hydraulic system who controls every single movement of the machine is controlled by a sophisticate electronic unit.

This unit is also used to control the rolls parallelism and grant a precision in positioning of 0,05 mm from side to side. The two central rolls are powered by two planetary gearboxes that are directly coupled on one edge of them. The hydraulic motors are directly coupled on the gear boxes in order to avoid secondary transmission and assure a high efficiency. Precision, high production with a low level of maintenance are the most important features that set this range of machines at the top level in the market.


With the op.time system Roccia Rundbiegen plate rolls offer up to 20% of energy saving, when compared to traditional plate rolling machines. When the machine is not in use for a period of 5 minutes an electronic control sets the machine into a "stand-by mode", the hydraulic pump motor automatically turns off.