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Basic pushbutton system for controlling the up
and down movement of the roller(s). The bender
will be equipped with 2 foot pedals which are used
for the forward and reverse movement of the
driving rollers. In some cases the unit will have a
digital display which shows the position of the Y
axis moveable roller.

Our PQI also known as "intelligent quote
positioner" is a very cost efficient yet beneficial
addition to any Tauring machine. This PLC allows the
user to store single radius positions for parts as well as
multi-pass positions for tighter radii bends. It is also
equipped with profiling capabilities that allow the
machine to predetermine bending positions for
required radii. With a 15 key touchpad the PQI makes
programming easy and quick.

The PQ10 is the latest electronic interface made by
TAURING. An innovative multi-axis positioner able
to manage independent all movable parts of the machine.
The PQ10 includes an advanced self-diagnostics
system. If an error occurs, then a message
appears on the screen informing about the failure
and its location.
Display LCD 12" 800 x 600 resolution.
Positioning and axis visualization.
Integrated video card with 32 Mb Ram.
Up to 1GB Memory expansion.

The CNC-C is our entry level CNC control
system that increases machine versatility and
capability. This system is equipped with profiling
capabilities that allows the machine to predetermine
bending positions for required radii. Operators can
store up to 20 programs on the control, with each
program being able to contain up to 30 different radii
on the same part. The control is also available with
predetermined shapes for even easier programming.

The CNC-8 is a computerized numerical
control which features leading edge technology that
simplifies programming and increases profitability.
This control is equipped with the latest industrial PC
and operates from Windows ® operating system. Our
designed Wintau Software has made it easy for the
most complex bends to be programmed. Our CNC-8
control is capable of being networked and also has the
ability to import DXF files. The control unit allows the
machine to have 16 speeds on the "X" and "Y"
movements and over 50,000 programs can be stored,
there's no wonder why so many people are investing in
our CNC controls. Call us today to ask about the many
other features implemented in out CNC-8 control.

With the development of our CNC-I control roll bending
will never be the same. With this break through
technology we have impacted many companies by decreasing
programming time,decreasing material scraping, increased
precision bends, and nearly eliminated the opportunity
for operator errors. With our full blown CNC-I control you
are definitely a step above the rest, with spring back
compensation and anti-slip interpolated rolls, wasting
material is almost a thing of the past. The CNC-I
control automatically determines transition speeds
resulting in a symmetrical part: this is only scratching
the surface of our CNC-I. Call us today and ask us why
there is no other control out there that can compare to
our revolutionary computerized numerical control.