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      TaurinGroup USA
Quality, Honesty and Integrity

TaurinGroup Italy has been a pioneer in the Roll Bending industry since 1955, our machines have proven time and time again to be precise, diverse and one of the best performing benders on the market today. Since our beginning we have emphasized much of our devotion to the ever-changing need of our most important aspect, "Our customer". Tauring began in a small shop in Turin, Italy and has grown to become one of the largest roll bender manufacturers in existence today.

Our staff at TaurinGroup USA are some of the most experienced in the business today because we operate with three key points in mind: Quality, Honesty, and Integrity. Since our first machine over half a century ago till now TaurinGroup has used the highest grade components available in the market, with the majority made in the U.S.A. We are so confident that we offer lifetime warranties on various components backed by a 1 year warranty on all TaurinGroup machines. With TaurinGroup USA you can be assured that all recommendations are given with the utmost integrity and honesty.

TaurinGroup USA has been known from its beginning to meet and surpass the limitations of bending. With continuous efforts to minimize the limitations of bending, TaurinGroup has a full engineering department that is devoted to lifting the boundaries of metal bending. While other companies follow the trends, TaurinGroup USA sets them. With equipment such as our CNC-I control, we have reached, and continue to be at, the frontline of industry development. If you are searching for a long lasting, durable machine that is greatly supported, then we feel confident to say your search is now over.